The Luxury of Sleep

This is another of those products where the beautiful design on the outside is bested only by what’s on the inside, and how it came to be.

The story starts with New Zealand marketing professional and mumma Claire Beatson, and her own often-desparate search for deep, relaxed sleep. She found her options weren’t really options at all – natural formulations were too mild to be effective, and pharmaceuticals were too addictive. So Claire began a three year journey, working with New Zealand’s top medical herbalist, to craft a potent (significantly stronger than anything else on the market), #plantsnotpills sleep drops formula. It’s transformed Claire’s nights – and her days, too. She says Nod is her fourth baby, the only one she’s raised that let her sleep through the night.

Each little bottle of Nod is a blend of clinically-effective levels of super-sleepy sedatives including Californian Poppy, Passionflower and Valerian, with calming herbs like Chamomile, Lemon balm, Manuka and Organic Rosewater. The botanics are distilled the old-fashioned way, in copper stills, bottled in top GMP grade facilities, then blended in small batches. The result is a very potent, nothing-but-plants formula that promotes sleep, supports relaxation and relieves anxiety for a deeper level of uninterrupted Z’s. And you’ll wake up refreshed – no sleeping pill hangover.

The whole brand experience was designed to be as luxurious and thoughtful as possible. From the imagery (all shot during early evening and at night), to the way the Nod packaging opens (the box slides out, your Nod laying inside as if in a bed). The bottle itself is beautiful – a lovely heavy black glass, with as little printing on it as possible. Everything has been designed to be quiet and restful and beautiful, like your sleep on Nod. And did you spot the little waxing moon in the Nod wordmark? Nice.

Kudos for the visual identity goes to Claire’s partner, Art Director Tony Bradbourne. Dream team.

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