If you’ve been hanging here a while, you know I love me a hallway, especially small and oddly shaped ones. They’re often so neglected as a space to have fun with your aesthetic, make a statement, or make use of in a practical sense. This one belongs to blogger Katerina Dima.

Just a really great DIY-style day bed/built in sofa thing.


This – the first home in months that has given me that asthma attack feeling of jealousy and desire – is the Bondi Beach home of young Australian fashion & style entrepreneur Carmen Hamilton (the blogger behind Chronicles of Her). Clearly she already has freakishly amazing taste, but partnered in this renovation with Decus Interiors.

Can I just point out everything as if you don’t also have eyes? The custom joinery (those handles! – see below); the sculptural brass lighting (Tango pendant by Paul Matter) with a burnished patina; the specific choice of marble colour and the epic slab-like design of that kitchen island (with bold black drawers underneath – love the high contrast); the black countertop against super light timber cabinetry; the white beams (these were installed by the designers – not part of the original 1940’s building); the little accents of pink…


Oh and you know, just some bespoke arched doorways, with metallic pink edges. No biggie.

Is this bedroom not the perfect grown-up colour palette? I love all the texture, and the variety of different wood tones used.
Also currently loving anything by artist Caroline Walls on the walls. Found via Design Anthology, photography Felix Forest.

Sticking the tip in with this one… internal steel framed windows as a wall, that bespoke bannister, a hint of an Ay Illuminate fabric light. Go deeper here.


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