Spaces. The ‘A Girl Can Dream’ edition.
Like of a Shaker-style kitchen in deep green…

A Girl Can Dream about an ensuite/dressing room larger than her current living room,
and custom cabinetry with beautiful recessed handles as tall as her.
Designed by Madeleine Blanchfield Architects,Photography by Robert Walsh

A Girl Can Dream about an amazing bathroom with real linen curtains, definitely-not-your-average bath and sink, floor to ceiling grey grid tiling, a black steel framed shower partition, and turkish towels good enough to sleep in (not those thin ones that just push the water around). A Girl Can Also Dream about a laundry with black appliances and storage, lots and lots of lovely storage. (OK I feel a little like Arya Stark.)

A Girl Can Dream about the most insane shiplap ceiling, an all black kitchen island, and a black gooseneck faucet. (This home is a favourite from the 2018 Australian Interior Design Awards, Residential Category. Designed by Studio Griffiths. Photography Sharyn Cairns.)

A Girl Can Dream about a weekend away at the Mitchelton Winery Hotel, and by some wonderful and frankly rather unbelievable occurrence, being gifted these Jardan Wilfred Armchairs (maybe for being the one thousandth guest – whatever, the details aren’t important), which have been on her design bucketlist for, like, ever. Designed by Hecker Guthrie, Photography Tom Blachford

A Girl Can Dream about a shower that makes every routine wash feel special, almost sacred. #showersasmeditation

A Girl Can (have a recurring) Dream about, custom cabinetry and perfect storage – this time with circular door pulls.

A girl can dream about contemporary barn door hard ware, and a filtered water tap that isn’t ugly. Actually, since this is a dream, that’s a sparkling water tap. Designed by Carole Whiting Interiors; Photography Sharyn Cairns

A Girl Can Dream about all her teeth falling out, and a #softminimal guest room that never dates.

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