Photography Felix Forest

How the other half live, right? These incredible bathrooms belong to various Sydney homes by design duo Tania Handelsmann and Gillian Khaw. As Handelsmann and Khaw (now that’s couple of surnames just made for eponymity) Tania and Gillian’s spaces share a signature grace and stature, but also have a sense of spontaneity and fun about them. You’ll see just what I mean if you go and explore their portfolio, here.

When it comes to sinks and faucets, I really dig the unexpected – like this kitchen situation, via architects Contekst

More unexpected sinks from Contekst – I adore this monolithic-looking kitchen island, the extra-thick concrete top, the style of those hobs, the unexpected positioning of the sink, all that concealed storage…

With the fridge and other appliances all hidden away on the left there, and that huge stone fireplace, this reads more like a dining room than a hard-working kitchen

And space down this end to sit

Details, friends. Details.
The master bathroom from this same house.

Told you I love an unexpected faucet (and in this case mixer) situation

Please don’t do your new bathroom in these tiles, because I’m reserving them for my next house.

Photography by Shannon McGrath

Bagsy. Beautiful bathrooms by Studio Griffiths. See the full home tour over at The Local Project


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