Incredible ensuite in the home of Yoanna Kulan. Yoanna, lucky girl, has a huge open-plan bedroom which includes a low-slung bed, armchairs, a freestanding bath across from the bed, and then this, the marble shower (and you know how I love a shower seat) and walk-in-wardrobe. Ugh.

The rest of Yoanna’s home is equally incredible (case in point above – living and dining room above). You should immediately go and stalk her Instagram, her Pinterest and her website.

Looking at interior design by Kate Marker always makes me run off and start googling Turkish Rugs NZ

 See what I mean?

Along with Turkish rugs, Kate Marker also has a penchant for steel frame windows. These ones with the white sheers are divine.
(plus, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T.R.)

More steel frame windows in this Kate Marker master bedroom, this time with chalky blue drapes.

A Turkish rug and steel frame window…. must be a Kate Marker bathroom.

Another gorgeous Turkish rug, this time an extra extra long hall runner – so pretty. Arches also feature prominently in Kate’s work…

(Needs a Turkish rug.)

I shy away from sharing exteriors, but…. this gate!

Kate Marker is also a master of farmhouse-style kitchens. Stately and solid shaker kitchens that balance a sense of grandeur with an airy, organic edge.

Two sinks, two centre islands – now that’s just being greedy.

File Kate Marker interiors in: Luxury American Lake House.


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Future Heirlooms – Trio by Douglas and Bec

New from NZ design industry leaders Douglas and Bec, the Trio lighting collection. Like the Pare and Line families before it, the Trio collection takes elegant traditional silhouettes and interprets them for a modern aesthetic. There’s a floor lamp and table lamp (customisable in terms of both the metal finish and the blown-glass globe colour – white, camel, midnight, bronze green or blush) and various pendant lights. And as with everything Douglas and Bec, each piece is made right here in New Zealand, ready to make itself at home in any stylish space around the world.



Just another perfect kitchen by Nordiska Kok.  This one belongs to a small, slow-living loft home in the Swedish countryside.

Minimalism, but make the few choice pieces you do have big, and sculptural.

This incredible building is a tea house, set underground, below the bustling city of Xiamen. In its centre, a large circular atrium reaches up to the sky, puncturing a shallow pool that forms the roof of the tea house. A quiet place where people come to enjoy the ancient ritual of tea, away from all the visual and aural noise of modern life. Conceived by Waterfrom Design (see more images here.)

I have this thing for faucets.

I’m starting to get a little FOMO with the calibre of boutique private accommodations popping up in Australia. Let’s open that Trans-Tasman travel bubble, stat.  This luxe property is Noa by the Beach, a 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom home located just 500m from one of my favourite beaches in the world – Little Cove in Noosa (Queensland).

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Giveaway – win an Acme Flatware Set


Acme are one of those New Zealand brands that don’t make a big fanfare about themselves, they just go on with the business of creating world-class, form-and-function items centred around the art of hospitality. Behind the brand is Godfather of NZ espresso Jeff Kennedy (he founded Caffe L’Affare in 1990, pioneers of decent coffee here in New Zealand, and also owns the 180-seat Wellington eatery institution that is Prefab) and his partner Bridget Dunn.

If you’ve had a coffee in a NZ cafe, chances are you’ve drunk from an Acme cup. The Acme Demitasse is virtually an icon of New Zealand design and coffee culture, and is now used by restaurants and cafes all over the world. Actually, you can almost use the presence of Acme cups as a signpost to good coffee – see a stack of Acme cups on the espresso machine, and you know the barista takes a brew seriously. In the past year, Acme brand has begun to grow beyond cafe-supply, making a move into New Zealand homes, designing products for a restaurant-quality experience at home.

As one example, I have their Roman Cups at home – I love the contemporary-yet-classic shape, they come in 110ml, 170ml and 270ml for whatever you consider the perfect pourand the very fine, super light cup (made with magnesium porcelain) has the sensory effect of delivering a richer, more complex coffee. Big fan over here.

New fave – the Acme Bobby mug 

Acme’s packaging is made here in New Zealand, designed by Think Packaging.  It’s completely recyclable, with no plastic, and none of those twisty-tie things. Form and function, it’s the Acme M.O.

Designed by Acme’s in-house designer Paddy Kennedy


Ok, so – let’s get to the reason for today’s post – Acme have just launched their own flatware! Acme have always created for a need, and they saw a need for well-designed (and New Zealand-designed) cutlery, at an affordable price. Made from a hardened and brushed stainless steel, the new Acme cutlery is designed to last, and also to look better with age. They’re weighty and substantive in that way that lets you know you’re dining at a very. fancy. place.

If you’d like to elevate your everyday meals to a more special, restaurant-like experience, head over to The New’s Instagram and enter our draw, to win your own 24-piece Acme Flatware set!


Win a stunning 24-piece (6-person) set of Acme cutlery, valued at $245

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