Because they’re that good, this week’s Spaces is devoted entirely to Perth’s Studio Atelier, a young interior architecture team lead by husband and wife Kimberley Tan and Jeff Swinyard. You might like to follow their projects via Insta.

Understatedly sophisticated.

That tiled column tho! Also love these floor tiles.

Yes, I know that’s alotta imagery of one kitchen, but what a kitchen! Especially those beautiful tiles, and the tiled column leg on the island. See more of Studio Atelier’s Mabel House here.

Adore the combination of the small, soft sand coloured brick with the XXL pitted concrete blocks here, especially with the light timber flooring. Nice to see a fireplace off-centre for a change, in this case creating space for a cosy read-and-relax bench

Those brick archways are doing something to me…

I spy a scullery with the same vertically-laid sage green tiles.

Design is in the details: I appreciate that the tiles (from Myaree Cermamics, btw) go right to the floor. If it was just white paint under the cabinetry, it would be like pants that are hemmed too short.

Photography Dion Robeson; Styling Anna Flanders

Another of Studio Atelier’s recent projects, Gillespie House. Much (much) more here.

Restoring the character and charm of an historic establishment – ensuite details by Studio Atelier at the National Hotel Freemantle. See more of this project here.


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My Debut Book: Our Spaces

I did a thing! Introducing Our Spaces – Contemporary NZ Interiors,
a coffee table book curated and edited by little old me!

A sourcebook of ideas for contemporary interiors, Our Spaces takes you room-by-room through what I consider to be New Zealand’s most stylish, most inspiring homes – spaces that are relaxed yet refined, modest yet modern.

Inside its linen-bound hardcover, Our Spaces features over 400 beautiful interior images by my friend, NZ photographer Michelle Weir, along with ideas and insights pulled from each space, for yours.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing some of the beautiful imagery from inside the 288 pages, as well as some of my (and Michelle’s) thoughts on designing a home that’s both beautiful and meaningful.

Our Spaces will be available in all good bookstores and my favourite design stores from Tuesday November 5th.
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 I’ve made you a bumper-size, long Spaces for the long weekend. But I’m not very well at the moment, so if you don’t mind, I might just do the bare minimum by literally just pointing out the things I like in each space.

Sage green and grey kitchen. Rust-coloured plinth. A dining bench seat, built-in.

Lots of storage.  Japanese paper lampshades 4 lyfe.

The right shade of pink on the wall. Bleached pine-looking flooring. The casual drama of a big leaning mirror.

Black sconces against a dark wall colour – drama.

Marble with dark timber.

Dark walnut timber cabinetry with light timber floorboards.

Unexpected, modern cabinet pulls.

 A basket for the cushions and pillows you throw off the bed at night.
A framed print that greets you when you wake up.

Soft grey walls


Something foraged.

A clever cut-out.

Mermaid tiles on the floor. A bench seat with storage at one end of the kitchen.
An original arched window.

Layered rugs. Shiplap on the walls and ceilings, and wide floorboards for timeless stature.

A lakefront house with summer-day supplies in the entranceway. Another built-in bench seat with storage.

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Labour Weekend Wishlist

Things I’d like for this long weekend:


New Zealand lifestyle brand Penney and Bennett have just added to their line of everyday-luxury Loungewear, with a freakin’ gorgeous collection of styles in two colours – a simple white or soft pink cotton. Simple silhouettes (always a yes from me) with very relaxed tailoring (because comfy is queen), and created by Penney and Bennett designer Sarah Carson to be able to cross over into the day (or, wear throughout the entire Labour Weekend) – wear to bed, wear around the house, wear as a layering piece over your togs. There are relaxed shorts and long pants (both with pockets!), long and short sleeve shirts, long sleep shirts that reach to your knees (see the blush pink one pictured above), smoking jackets, and long, loose robes.  I’m ordering myself a set of the soft pink (Rose) pocket pants and matching long sleeve shirt, because I work hard, dammit, and I deserve to feel lovely.


My all-time fave, Jardan, continue to expand beyond amazing furniture into considered homeware with their Spring 2019 collection. I love the confident shape of their new Ivy Oil Burner, and the chalky raku clay it’s handmade from.


Nail polish in tactile, minimalist packaging, in a tight selection of very-wearable modern colours. Yes please.
J Hannah Nail polishes from our pals at Paper Plane.


A vase for my weekend foraging – Nest have these great new speckled clay vases in modernist shapes – this one pictured is my fave, but they’d also look great grouped.


Channelling 90’s Princess Diana vibes with these Knot Hoops, from NZ jewellery brand Flash.
Also available from our lovely pals at Blackbird Goods.


LA-based New Zealand Emily L’Ami has been working on her Vibration range of 100% natural perfume oil for years.
So exciting to see this labour of passion come to life, with Bodha’s launch of three scents – Earth (made from fragrant roots, barks and mosses), Air (made from fragrant green leaves, twigs and rinds) and Plants (made from petals, leaves and golden resins). There is also a Bodha Vibration Sampler Box with a miniature sample of each of the three perfumes. Ordering immediately.


Rattan isn’t going anywhere in a hurry. Like the comeback of brass, it’s less a trend and more a resurgence. This Curved Rattan Buffet (made from natural teak with rattan panel inserts in the four doors) is gorgeous, nē?


But even better than that buffet is this just-launched coffee table from Jardan – Billie coffee table.
Low and perfectly square, in solid American Oak with rattan inserts. Yeeeeessss. They also have this coffee table in a longer rectangle shape, plus a side table and a bench seat.


Aesop have launched a 300 page book celebrating their international concept stores
and the Aesop ‘art history’ and aesthetics. Will purchase.

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