Introducing Framefox – Easy Gallery Wall at your Place

Gallery walls are beautiful, but they’re just tricky and time-consuming enough to end up being that project you keep putting off. Deciding on a layout, finding the right sizes and styles of frames to buy, framing your images, and then getting the spacing and layout correct on your wall…  cue – never getting around to it.

Well, New Zealand brand Framefox have set out to completely streamline and simplify the process of getting a stylish gallery wall up at your place. Have a quick lookie at this 30-second video:

Using Framefox’s easy online tool, you just: choose a gallery layout (there are 8 layouts to choose from, to suit how many images you want to use and how large your wall is), choose the colour/style of frames you like best, then upload your images from your desktop (or straight from your phone or even Instagram). You’ll get to see a realistic image of how the finished gallery wall will look, too – and you can crop your images, add a filter, etc.

From there, Framefox will print and frame your images (top-quality frames, handmade here in New Zealand), and then send your ready-to-hang framed images to your door. Included in your kit is a true-to-size hanging template – genius idea. Tape it to your wall, and it guides you exactly where to hammer the nails (oh, and Framefox even include the nails for you!) Easy, super-stylish gallery wall… done!

If you’re not after a gallery wall, but just have one or two photos or an artwork you’ve been meaning for ages to frame, you might like to check out Framefox’s interactive framing service. Everything can be done online – choose from 21 different frames, in various sizes up to A1. Then upload a digital image – or, if you already have the photo or artwork at home, Framefox will actually send a courier to your place to pick it up.

In a busy life, Framefox is about saving time, simplifying life, and getting special moments off our phones and into our homes. It’s a yes from me.

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