I’ll Hang it Here

The intersection of useful AND beautiful – thaaaaat’s the spot. Hitting that mark perfectly is New Zealand designer Melissa Brooks and her brand, I’ll Hang It Here. Since I first shared IHIH’s contemporary clothing racks a couple of years ago, Melissa has expanded the collection with several new styles.  But more recently – and the reason for my post today – IHIH has launched a whole new product line: IHIH Store.

IHIH Store is a collection of hanging and display solutions originally designed for retail stores, but handily also perfect for an organised home. Take a look-see:


This little babe (above) – Plynth – is for anywhere you want to showcase and elevate a fave piece or three.

IHIH Multi-Hook

Like most of the IHIH Store prods, the Multi-Hook (above) and Single Hook (below) also come in matte black, or a bone colour.

Single Hook

This Duplet Shelf is designed to be hung one of two ways: as a platform-style shelf, or a ledge with vertical lip. Pictured below: The Anke Stand.

Styling and photography by Olivia Atkinson


High Score Bonus: Every IHIH piece is made right here in New Zealand. Check out the IHIH range of free-standing clothing racks and the new IHIH Store collection here, and give IHIH a follow on Instagram @illhandithere


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