Design Diary – Rose & Sarah of NZ new brand, Crushes

Rose Hope and Sarah Firmston are the very funny and lovely babes behind The Bread & Butter Letter boutique (specialising in NZ made homeware and goodies)… and now, they’re also the designers and do-ers for their brand new in-house brand, Crushes – with products that are starting to get picked up by stores all ’round the country. I have a Crushes on Sarah’s glasses, Rose’s bob game and the fact they can’t help quoting Zoolander. Cool Story, Hansel.
The first thing we did this morning was…

Start the day right; with a coffee, a buttery brioche for a terribly-unhealthy-but-equally-delicious breakfast, and with our handy weekly planners. We are always writing lists – even our lists have lists! It is the only way we can stay on top of all the projects that we do.

Woah. Best thing I’ve seen all month.

The highlight of our day was…

Sending off big orders to some new stores! It’s so exciting to know that our creations are going to lovely new stores and homes around the country!

A challenge in our day was…

Completing the checklist we made this morning! Oh, to have it all ticked off. One day, one day.

One thing we learned today…

After meeting with a new local supplier, I was reminded about how great it is to be in a larger creative community – artists and designers, not too different to ourselves, are getting busy creating new and exciting products, and we (The Bread and Butter Letter) are lucky enough to be a part of their stories.

If we could, we would Design and dine – All day, err’day.
Making flower crowns for Crushes
Rose getting her SLR on for Crushes wholesale catalogue; Crushes mugs

A few of my faves from Crushes 

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