Lucilla Gray

Wellington designer Lucilla Gray, wearing her Aurora earrings in Pearl

Lucilla works from her studio in central Wellington

Artwork by Lucilla’s partner Phil Andrews. An in-demand Animation/Art Director, Phil trades software for a
pencil after-hours as an award-winning hyper-realism portrait artist.

My two favourites from Lucilla’s line of statement earrings 

Aurora earrings – 14k gold plated stud with a tort teardrop

Pomona earrings – a new style being released just this week.
Pomona was the goddess of fruit trees and orchards, and this organic form was inspired by the shape of a pear.


It was Lucilla Gray’s contemporary jewellery I first spotted, and I just had to know more about the designer. So I asked photographer Nadine Ellen to visit Lucilla’s central Wellington studio, from which she runs her self-titled womenswear label.

Lucilla studied a Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion at Massey – but her work started being noticed by stylists and magazines even before she finished uni. After an internship with Kate Sylvester and a bit of working travel, Lucilla returned to Wellington to start her own label. The Lucilla Gray aesthetic embraces structural silhouettes and an intelligently feminine feel, re-inventing timeless pieces for the modern woman. As well as working on a new jewellery collection for summer, Lucilla her currently preparing to launch a new made-to-order client service – a new-old-fashioned concept of tailor-making pieces which also embraces slow fashion, eliminates dead stock and reduces resource use. In an industry predominately driven by high-consumption fast fashion, that’s what I’d call a fashion-forward move.

Though her brand is still young, Lucilla is already enjoying the kind of career highlights that labels dream of – she’s been featured in several international magazines (including US Vogue), and, this year, designed a gown to be worn (by Signý Lemmon) at the Oscars. Big things…

Also, if my husband is reading this – the Solana Stud (small) in Bronze Tint, please?


Lucilla Gray Online Store  /  Lucilla Gray Instagram


Beautiful imagery with thanks to Nadine Ellen (< Insta) of Nadine Ellen & Tim Kelly (< main website)
Tim and Nadine are in-demand are wedding photographers, travelling throughout NZ and internationally.
I always feel lucky to have them shoot for The New when they’re back home in Wellington over winter.


NZ made for NZ weather – Okewa Rainwear










Ah windy Wellington, I personally love your crazy gusts and horizontal rain. Yeah summer, you’re awesome and everything, but sometimes I wish for it to rain. There, I said it.
I know at least two people who feel the same way. Nevada Leckie and her husband Nick. They’re the designers behind Okewa, the best looking rainwear you’ve ever seen. At the time they conceived Okewa (which means big grey raincloud in Maori), Nevada was working in the fashion industry, getting around Wellington city by foot. She tried to find a coat that was both well made and beautifully classic, something that would look just as good as the outfits she was trying to protect from the rain. When she couldn’t find it, she enlisted husband’s Nick’s help (and his architect’s eye) and together, they designed their own.
Okewa got off the ground thanks to Kickstarter crowdfunding, making the first production run happen and seeing coats sent to over 20 countries around the world. As you can see from these pics (of Nevada and Nick out at Makara Beach recently, modelling a couple of Okewa styles especially for Fancy) the coats are the perfect simplicity-is-the-ultimate-sophistication. In classic colours including charcoal, military olive and dark ink, an Okewa coat is that one amazing coat you have for virtually your whole life, so well made and considered in its design that it looks as current in 20 years as it does today. For Nevada and Nick, it’s about longer-term, more thoughtful fashion consumption. Buy once, buy better.
Each coat is cut from very lightweight (great for travelling), technical two-layer Japanese fabric and made entirely here in New Zealand by a family-run manufacturer. If you’d like to see all the little details, there’s plenty of imagery on their website. They ship their coats right around the world, to anywhere people want to stay looking sharp when the heavens open.
Okewa rainwear online store   /   Facebook   /   Instagram


Photography by Wellington’s
Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen


Meet our Contributors – Tim & Nadine, Wellington Photographers

Portrait of Nadine and Tim by fellow photogs Benjamin and Elise

Want to meet the couple behind some of our best-looking Wellington features? Yeah, I thought you might like that. So let me introduce you to photographers Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen. And here’s what they’ve shot for Fancy: Precinct 35 – Wellington’s newest design store, Wundaire, The Neighbourhood Studio, and Eva Street (the inner-city home of Six Barrel Soda, Fix & Fogg and Wellington Chocolate Factory

Tell us what you do and what lead you to this point?
We are a photography duo based in Wellington who spend our time travelling around NZ and beyond capturing kick ass weddings. We tend to live in NZ over summer, and then in the NZ winter we venture overseas to other parts of the world where the sun is still shining and awesome weddings are happening.

We are high school sweethearts (I give you permission to wretch at that) and we’ve both always been obsessed with photography. But to be honest, we were never interested in pursuing wedding photography. Back before we started, the only wedding photography we had seen was cheesy, staged, and fake. That style of photography didn’t interest us. So we never considered it until we were guests at a friend’s wedding, took photos for fun in the candid way we like, and as a result enquiries started coming in. So we took the leap, started our own business, and that was the beginning of this freaking awesome ride that has been the last 3 years of our life.

This job has taken us all over NZ and the world. It allows us to meet, work with, and become friends with insanely cool people from absolutely everywhere; and we get to creatively capture these ace people’s awesome day in a natural, unobtrusive, and fun way. Being able to do photography this way is what makes us tick.

feels like the beginning of a wicked adventure… 

Four eyes are better than two – what strengths and perspectives do each of you bring to a project?

Tim brings a calmness to every project that I couldn’t bring if I tried. He is such a calm and considered person, stress isn’t really in his repertoire. This means that the projects we undertake always have a calm and welcoming atmosphere which helps put the couples and clients at ease.

One characteristic I (Nadine) bring to the scene is how much I love meeting new people and getting to know them… it is really important to us that the people we are working with feel as relaxed as a friend would in our company.

We are all about unobtrusively capturing moments as they actually happen. So having more than one of us means we are able to be in more than one place at a time to capture the story as it takes place.

 That settles it. I need a do-over.

This one stops me in my tracks

When are you at your most inspired?
We are most inspired when we are working with adventurous people in an environment that we have never worked in before. For us, this job is all about the people and the story.

moments from life

What was the most gratifying/rewarding project you’ve done recently?
That would be living and working in a small town in Vietnam teaching English in public schools. The warmth, beauty, and generosity of the people there was absolutely astounding and incomparable to anything we have ever experienced before. We have been to Vietnam three years in a row because we have fallen in love with the people there. We took only a handful of photographs from our time there, but they are some of our favourite images.

Just a few of many images captured on recent travels

If you just got engaged and want to commemorate this time in your life, or you’re planning your wedding, or you’re a brand who needs to tell your story in an seriously good quality, real and engaging way, you should mos def get in touch with my pals Tim and Nadine. (Really really) good people, doing (really really) good work.

Tim Kelly and Nadine Ellen   website    /   Facebook   /   Tim’s Instagram   /   Nadine’s Instagram


Awesome design/craft workshop in Wellington – The Neighbourhood Studio

Eloise Evans, dreamer of awesome dreams and maker of things happening

The Neighbourhood Studio’s bright, beautiful workshop

NZ illustrator Flora Waycott uses The Neighbourhood Studio as a making space

The Neighbourhood Studio has a
growing group of goodies for sale – all made by local designers
Beautiful details, collected by Eloise over the years

Albert helping. So helpful, Albert.

Albert going in for the 75th snuggle of the day
Eloise (middle) with illustrators Flora Waycott & Greta Menzies
– these babes all teach The Neighbourhood Studio’s classes and workshops

Ahhhh! It’s an amazing time to be alive! Ok, that sounded intense. I just mean that there’s so much inspiring, super cool stuff happening – you literally can do anything you want; make your life whatever you want it to be. And this new business and project in Wellington is one example of that…
This is The Neighbourhood Studio, a creative workshop and screen-printing space in Wellington. Behind it is Eloise Evans, just in her early 20’s. She graduated from Massey Uni in 2011, and though she wanted to get into textile design (her course of study) full-time, she found access to screen printing equipment basically non-existent, and certainly not in her post-student budget. She also missed that sense of community you get at Uni. 
The idea for a community screen printing studio started percolating – a space with all the equipment needed to make, and to work alongside other creative people. The concept is already successful internationally – there are similar studios in Melbourne, NY, London, Toronto… and Eloise decided it was time for Wellington to have one!
She started buying and storing secondhand specialised equipment while on the hunt for a space.

A light-filled building came up in Newtown, amongst a bunch of industrial workshops, and Eloise (with her boyf, dad and stepdad helping and Albert the dalmatian supervising) spent 4 months transforming the space into her (your!) dream creative studio.

The Neighbourhood Studio is set up to offer designers and artists access (affordably and flexibly) to the equipment, material and space they need to make – whether working on a project start to finish in the studio, or just popping in to expose a screen or buy some supplies. The studio is open Tuesday to Friday by appointment, with an all-welcome open day every Saturday. 
Take a Class
The Neighbourhood Studio has just kicked off a series of workshops – there’s 1-day Screen Printing Basics and Natural Dye workshops coming up, as well as 6-week mini courses which guide you through making your own projects, and other classes too – check the website for more, or follow The Neighbourhood Studio on  Facie or Insta to stay in the loop. The teachers include Wellington illustrators Flora Waycott and Greta Menzies who are both amazing and inspiring in their own right.
The Neighbourhood Studio website   /   Instagram   /   Facebook

Huge thanks to Fancy collaborators,
Wellington photographers Tim and Nadine Kelly
who make simple images into stories

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