The Midnight Baker opens a Toast Bar:

This mouth party is the Midnight Baker Freedom Loaf, toasted,
with basil pesto, vine tomatoes, crumbled cashew cheese and hazelnut dukkah. 

The light…  the sense of unpretentious honest-to-goodness-ness…  the TOAST – doesn’t this look like just the place? It’s the new home of The Midnight Baker (we introduced you to this brand and the babe behind it here – go see), where the hero is Yeshe Dawa’s now cult-status Freedom Loaf, toasted and topped with various savoury or sweet bread buddies, alongside strong eightthirty coffee and artisan Forage & Bloom teas. Toast and a cuppa – one of life’s best combos.
The Midnight Baker began – as so many good brands do – as a side hustle, while Yeshe worked in her ‘real’ job; driven by her love of baking treats late at night and her hunt for a delish alternative to wheat-based bread. Now, she and her team bake loaves for over 30 cafes and post direct to customers around New Zealand (buy online here). 
The Midnight Baker Cafe is open Tuesday to Sunday at 218 Dominion Road, Auckland.

(Menu online here)

A huge thank you to Auckland-based interior and fashion photographer
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir, who captured all this lovely light
for Fancy NZ Design Blog


Modern NZ Florist, BLUSH


Lighting by NZ’s Douglas and Bec






aaaaand another shot of that ladder, because why wouldn’t we


Is this not the best looking florists you ever did see? I know.
It’s BLUSH, in Auckland’s Parnell, and was designed down to the last detail by Blush owner and creative director, Kelly Karam. Yes, it was Kelly’s idea to make use of that lovely high stud by creating stacked troughs to house the flowers. And her idea to have Powersurge make her a solid brass library ladder (at the risk of sounding like I’m 18, I am obsessed with that ladder) to reach the highest troughs. And her idea to have a massive brass counter custom-made, with handleless drawers in the back.
Kelly has an impeccable eye, for interiors as much as for the floral styling she’s known for – for weddings, events, and lucky flower-receiving people. Also – special mention to Think Pack who (in collaboration with Kelly), designed the flower carrier and luxe packaging. Who wouldn’t love flowers delivered in one of those long pink and gold foil boxes?
Blush   website   /   Instagram


Imagery as impressive as this interior by
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir
for The New



Made of Tomorrow and the Friday Studio

Designers Matt Genefaas and Daniel Craig

Made of Tomorrow’s collection includes a range of stationery

The boys have designed a Felt collection of duffels, laptop cases and cushions

Candles in three scents

Cards, ceramics and candles sittin’ pretty on Made of Tomorrow’s new Fold shelves 

Dan gets orders ready for stockists and online customers
Matt is a designer and photographer who juggles work for a NZ magazine with his own brands
 (12+ hour days are not uncommon)

Dan and Matt’s workspace includes a small infinity wall for their own product shots

One of the new Made of Tomorrow Fold shelves – in two sizes, three colours (black, soft grey or white) and all with the suspended hole at top, to fit a planter.

One half of the space is The Friday Studios – available for hire,
and designed for brand photoshoots and workshops

Black Fold shelves in small and large in a styled corner of the studio

Photography by Michelle Weir – Studio:Weir for Fancy
Daniel (Dan) Craig and Matthew (Matt) Genefaas were partners before they became business partners. Matt is a graphic designer and photographer, but Dan hadn’t found a career he loved yet. He did have a natural gift for art and design though, and a love of interiors. 
Together they make the perfect duo to run their homeware brand Made of Tomorrow, each bringing ideas to the table and then taking care of specific aspects of the business to make those ideas reality. They design and develop, style, photograph and market, and supply not only to customers through their online shop but to their growing number of stores throughout NZ… and now even in Australia! They’re currently working on new ranges for 2016, including new products in the Fold range – to complement their very modern, minimal Fold shelves. Dan and Matt also own and run Crawlers (a hugely busy and successful brand selling framed insects, insect art prints and more). 
Late last year, they moved the businesses ‘out of home’ and into a dedicated showroom and creative workspace for Crawlers (Crawlers is Dan and Matt’s other brand – a hugely successful business selling framed insects, insect art prints and more) and Made of Tomorrow. 
The location was also large enough to house a studio space for photoshoots and workshops, so Matt and Dan got busy renovating – painting the floors bold black, creating a full-sized infinity wall for professional product photography, and setting up a light, bright blank canvas for workshops. The Friday Studios is available for hire (and, if you need it, Matt is available as photographer).
These guys are inspiring on loads of counts. They’re an example of how, these days, you can legitimately make a living as a slashie (Matt still works for a NZ magazine as a designer and photographer, whilst also working on the couple’s two brands, and the studio hire business); you can make a living doing what you love and doing it for yourself (just be prepared to work seven days a week and almost never switch off); and you can build a brand with your partner (it’ll soon show you how strong your relationship is, and can bring you together even more). 
We’re excited to see what these two (and Made of Tomorrow) do next…

Photography by Fancy contributor
Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir


eighthirty on High


Hello, matt black milk jugs


Little pep-talk on the cups…



At first glance this is just a hot looking cafe. And it defo is, with its blackened steel casement windows (this is a 1920’s heritage location), huge marbled feature wall, pink-speckled upholstery, that old-school-signage-inspired coffee menu on the wall, and the super sexy white La Marzocco with matt black milk jugs. It’s the High Street home of eighthirty, designed by NZ architect Dominic Glamuzina.

But there’s one more thing I want to add to this post… eighthirty was started back in 2010 (not that long ago, guys) by Glenn Bell. He opened the simplest little hole in the wall on Auckland’s K Road, and on his first day he sold two coffees. Two coffees.

In 2015, around 5,000 cups of eighthirty brew are enjoyed every day. And this well-designed High Street space is just the newest in a seal-tight pack of eighthirty outposts around Auckland city. Plus, they just opened their first space in Australia. Good story, bro.


Hella sexy imagery by Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir
for Fancy NZ Design Blog


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