Let me introduce you to new brand Baina, founded by New Zealand friends Anna Fahey and Bailey Meredith.

I’m excited about Baina’s super contemporary approach to towelling. The aesthetic goes from subtle to sonorous, the designs playing with colour theory, texture and shape to bring a little sense of fine art, architecture or sculpture to your bathroom.

For me, design is the Art of Living Well – I believe that good design can genuinely improve the quality of your life and the lives of others – and Baina as a brand encapsulates this sentiment for me in every way. Not only is the design beautifully considered and the product premium (thick, super-soft absorbent towels), it’s a brand born of two friends who’ve decided to carve a creative and career path for themselves (and others). And everything is mindfully produced – Baina towels are 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, and are made by a four decade family-owned, sustainably-progressive mill in Portugal.

Currently the Baina collection includes a reversible pool towel that’s taking me to Capri, along with big bath towels and hand towels in three aesthetic match-ups. (I can’t decide which bathroom pairing is my favourite – the pink towels with the simple texture of an arch shape stitched into them, or the reversible sage green towels, one with a fine grid, one boldly checkered…)

For Anna and Bailey, the core idea behind Baina was to create a ceremony of self-care. A shower or bath is often the only time we have to be with ourselves, no screens, no-one else demanding our attention. Having a freakin’ beautiful towel, from a brand you believe in, to extend that moment of calm and presence? Yip, totally worth the investment.

Shop Baina Online   /   Baina Instagram




By the Light of the Moon

Penney and Bennett continues to expand and elevate their range with a launch this week of 100% french flax linen bedding.

They’re not giving you a dozen ‘on-trend’ colours, instead, in the chic and classic approach we’re used to from Penney and Bennett, designer Sarah Cordtz consciously selected and perfected one neutral shade – they call it MoonEvery layer of your bed is covered (duvet cover, flat and fitted sheets, Euro covers and pillowslips) and I love the idea of a complete neutral-on-neutral, all-Moon aesthetic, but the range is also designed to complement Penney & Bennett’s other printed throws, cushions and pillowslips.


Sunday X You’re Welcome

My name is Alana, and I love linen. I also love bolster cushions. And I’ve been looking for some linen bolsters for my own bed and couch…

So I collaborated with You’re Welcome on a capsule collection of real linen bolsters, available exclusively through my own homeware and design store, Sunday.

We spent far too long, probably, choosing the best dusky pink linen, an olive linen, and a new-neutral oatmeal linen, and each bolster is handmade and beautifully finished by Amy Howell, designer and maker at You’re Welcome. They come with a removable feather & down inner (making them machine washable), and are a nice generous size – perfect size for your bed (also look great on kids’ beds), your sofa or armchair.

Our Sunday x You’re Welcome linen bolsters are available online here at Sunday Homestore,
with free shipping throughout New Zealand.




Brass for Days

Angle Bookend in antiqued brass (also comes in ‘new’ brushed brass).
These would make an amazing wedding gift, btw.

Converge Magazine Rack 

Isoceles Book Stand

Cavern Shelf (one of three brass ledge shelf designs

Brass Doric Peg and There Hook

They’ve also designed a range of brass handles in three styles and lots of sizes
– available in the antiqued finish or brushed brass.

Investment piece.

Linear Light

Stunning sliding steel doors at the Artifact showroom

Brass mirrors for Kate Sylvester fashion flagship

Amazing brass washbasin for Aesop Wellington

Back in 2015, you and I talked about how Copper could enjoy its 15 minutes of fame, but Brass wasn’t going anywhere. Brass coming back wasn’t a trend, it was a return of the mack. I instantly regret saying that…. But you get the point – it’s 2019, brass is still beloved, and now we’re starting to see a lot of antiqued brass around, too.

Steel fabricators Powersurge largely focus on bespoke works for restaurants, retail and residential spaces. But recently, they’ve turned their artistry to a line of brass products for our homes – shelving, hooks and handles, mirrors, lighting and homeware. The above images are just my faves – see the full range and shop online here.

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