A look around Felicity Donaldson’s new city studio! (Wundaire Ceramics)

NEED this planter, kay?

Making collaboration mugs for Auckland eatery, Ceremony

Felicity Donaldson hand makes the coolest weirdo cosmic ceramics under her brand Wundaire.

You’ve no doubt heard the name before, because Felicity’s work has been pretty in-demand since she took her first planter pot out of a pit fire. It’s been a super busy 2015 for Wundaire – there’s been a handful of collaborations with likeminded creative brands (including some of Auckland’s best new eateries, and jewellery designers Meadowlark), plus Felicity has J.U.S.T opened her own studio in Brooklyn, Wellington. Right next to floral stylist Twig & Arrow, the brick-walled space is actually an old stables, now all fit out with purpose-designed shelving, sink, kiln… (thanks in part to Felicity’s super supportive mom and pops, Pauline and Russell. Nice one Russ!)

She’s stocked her online store ‘specially for you to go and take a look, but her best best is co-lab and commission work rather than off the rack, so Felicity says, get in touch with her! 
Next year, Felicity will be taking Ceramic Handbuilding workshops at her studio – plus she’ll have open days once a month or so, so sign up to the Wundaire newsletter (bottom of page) if you want a heads up on those scenarios…

Photography by Tim and Nadine Kelly
(yet another super talented Welly City woman)
for Fancy

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