With Love Woven Through

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Are these not the most exquisite woven hangings you’ve ever seen? Each one is a labour of love by Auckland-based Laine Toia, who was first taught to weave by her tupuna wahine as a young girl growing up in the Far North. A few years ago, recovering from a surgery, Laine was inspired to create her first wall hanging. She discovered the process of weaving to be almost like a meditation, and hasn’t stopped since.

Now a full-time weaver, Laine creates custom works for spaces of all kinds – from nurseries through to commercial locations, and continues to push and perfect her craft with each new piece.

Laine doesn’t have an online store. Instead, she works with each client to create a truly one of a kind piece, a piece that will perfectly compliment and complete their space, or mark a special occasion. I’m so pleased I get to show you those dreamy styled shots, but then straight after each one of those, a real good close-up… the detail is so beautiful, I’d even have a photographic print of one of these macro shots on my wall as art…)

Laine feels that she is also honouring her ancestors with her art form. She uses a number of centuries-old weaving techniques (alongside self-taught techniques she’s also now mastered), and says: “I know that my great grandmother, Apikaira was an amazing weaver who was taught by her mother. I come from a long line of weavers who made functional baskets and fishing nets for everyday life. My grandmother Maria, who was left-handed, wasn’t allowed to weave because it would always be crooked, so she was in charge of the plant gathering and prep instead. So I love how being left handed, I am able to use my hands to weave ‘not so crooked’ pieces of art.”


Laine Toia Bespoke Weaving

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