Win – Beautiful Sleepwear from Penney + Bennett


You know what we deserve, you and I? We deserve beautiful sleepwear. Matching sleepwear. Something handmade here in New Zealand, something that fits just right and feels amazing on our skin. You and me, we deserve something that makes us feel like a woman, not a slob. Something that when you wear it around the house all morning you feel luxuriant, not lazy. Something to slip into in the evening that makes your entire body and bones exhale. (And no, I don’t think that’s overstating it.)

Loren and Sarah at Penney + Bennett have created just that. A range of pyjamas in organic cotton and 100% linen, and in the loveliest colour palette – foal (a rusty tone), slate grey, indigo, olive and a clean white (zinc). All in separates, so you can design the sleepwear set you want – a long sleeve or short sleeve sleep shirt, with shorts or longer pants (or maybe one of each), even a Japanese style robe which comes in two lengths. And because Design is in the Details, there are deep pockets in the pants, a long drawstring that won’t disappear into the band, and the shirts have extra length at the back.

If you’ve ever snuggled into a Penney + Bennett cushion or throw (or their more recently launched organic cotton bedding), you know the brand has only the highest standards for quality and comfort.

I’ve ordered myself a set of the indigo linen, and thanks to Loren and Sarah, I’m able to give one of you a set of your choice. Yip – you get to choose.

Competition now closed – congrats to Roxana Davies

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