Chris Lim has had a passion for fragrance for as long as he can remember. As a young child, he was captivated by his mother and aunty’s perfume collections, and at 17, he started working for high end fragrance brands. They say it takes 10,000 hours / 10 years to achieve mastery in a field – at just 35, Chris Lim is  a master of fragrance design.

His New Zealand-based brand, Maraca, sits in the home fragrance category but takes it up a notch – all Maraca’s fragrances are developed in a Parisian perfumery, uses only premium natural oils. When you smell the jasmine in Maraca’s Velvet Noir candle, you’re smelling oil from a jasmine flower grown in Egypt, not a synthetic copycat.

Maraca fragrances are also incredibly technical and compositionally complex, which means you get to discover and experience different layers throughout the burn. Chris will tell you, he doesn’t just want something to smell nice – he wants to tell you a story. The Sevillian Neroli, for example, was inspired by a trip to the historic Jardines del Generalife in Alhambra, Spain, and Chris aims to transport you there with him – recreating the famous gardens’ ambiance during the warmth of summer. The citrus bouquet has eleven different notes, to take you on a sensory journey. There’s a sister scent from that same trip, this one green, leafy and earthy in contrast, to evoke the heady scent the garden has in autumn and winter. Yeah, so no ‘Coconut & Lime’ here guys. Each fragrance takes many, many months to realise – the Sevillian Neroli took a full year of iterations and development.

All Maraca products are made and packaged here in New Zealand, and sold internationally.

Along with Maraca’s growing range of hand-poured candles (including luxury 80-hour-burn candles), diffusers, and body care products, Chris offers a bespoke fragrance design service. He’s currently developing a range of signature scents for a high-end fashion brand – watch this space…

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