Treat Yo Self… it’s design Pick n Mix time

Leah Duncan, I love the way you do what you do when you do what you do.

Olive & June, a nail salon (in LA) with a proper excellent brand and interior. Love the leather chairs, fresh flower garland, the large tables… and those side tables with sling caddy are you for real! All of it, really. Oh, and they have a smoothie menu! NZ nail salons, you’re doing it wrong.

Australian designers ISM offer up this new table lamp. I give it a Grade A.

Double wicks, double awesome!  Sydney Hale Co.

The world needs more good sideboards. Like this new one by French brand-to-watch Colonel, especiallyparticularly because it makes that awesome grid pattern when the horizontal and vertical slats cross. The grey version’s a bit pretty too.

Dishing up some brand appreciation for this Mexican joint in Singapore. They don’t have one logo – instead, they have a suite of them, all hand-drawn. I especially dig that ingredient-origin map – I want to know where my food’s from.
Something fluffy to finish? Ok! I just discovered Dogist, a street-style photoblog about the dogs of New York City. This makes my tail all waggy.

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