eighthirty on High


Hello, matt black milk jugs


Little pep-talk on the cups…



At first glance this is just a hot looking cafe. And it defo is, with its blackened steel casement windows (this is a 1920’s heritage location), huge marbled feature wall, pink-speckled upholstery, that old-school-signage-inspired coffee menu on the wall, and the super sexy white La Marzocco with matt black milk jugs. It’s the High Street home of eighthirty, designed by NZ architect Dominic Glamuzina.

But there’s one more thing I want to add to this post… eighthirty was started back in 2010 (not that long ago, guys) by Glenn Bell. He opened the simplest little hole in the wall on Auckland’s K Road, and on his first day he sold two coffees. Two coffees.

In 2015, around 5,000 cups of eighthirty brew are enjoyed every day. And this well-designed High Street space is just the newest in a seal-tight pack of eighthirty outposts around Auckland city. Plus, they just opened their first space in Australia. Good story, bro.


Hella sexy imagery by Michelle Weir of Studio:Weir
for Fancy NZ Design Blog


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