The Night Shift

Triumph & Disaster started out as a distinctly masc. grooming line. But the appeal of simple, super effective products, laden with ingredients from nature is a universal one. So over the past couple of years, the internationally-loved New Zealand brand has consciously become more unisex, developing more high-functioning skincare products and presenting them in more pared-back, contemporary packaging. Highly approve.

They’ve just launched two new heavy hitters – Dichotomy eye serum and Dark Moon night cream.

Get you skincare that can do both –  look beautiful on the outside and be beautiful on the inside.  These two fit the bill, with their minimalist, modern, monochrome (all the M’s) aesthetic, and – more importantly – the ridiculously good formulations that have taken Dion and his team a year to develop and refine. The science they use is clinically proven, the ingredients traceable and sustainable.

Dichotomy Eye Serum is stacked with the supernatural benefits of ingredients like Kakadu Plum (a Vitamin C superhero for brightening and tightening), Norwegian Kelp, Persian Silk and Gotu Kola (combined, they work to firm and lift sagging skin), Swamp Maple (the bark extract is clinically-proven to increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity), and Horopito (found only in New Zealand, it’s one of the world’s oldest flowering plants, surviving for over 65 million years thanks to its natural chemical defence system. Rich in antioxidants and an amazing toning and conditioning agent). I could go on. Suffice to say, this little black bottle flexes big.

Dark Moon was designed to work with our body’s natural rhythm, applied when our skin is putting in its best recovery and repair work – on the night shift. More than a hydrating cream, it’s been scientifically-engineered to deliver powerful antioxidants to your skin, and to enhance collagen production using ingredients like Kakadu Plum (Aborigines have used this superfood medicinally for thousands of years – it has 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges), Swamp Maple, Rosemary and Horopito. It feels effortlessly fresh and light on the skin, and a little will go a long way. Oh, and it looks beautiful on your bedside table.

A New Zealand brand, delivering a beautifully-designed product, that’s also beautifully-considered on the inside. Not at all sponsored. Just my idea of perfection.

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