Call me Soda Stream, I’m fizzing at every image of every corner of this house. Australian Interior Architect Cassie James Herrick (CJH Studio) has gone and done it again with another modern-but-muted masterpiece. (To see the rest of this place – yes, there’s even MORE to see – go here.)

Those drapes! (oh my goodness those drapes…)

The babe’n bathroom fixtures (towel rail and shower shelf) caught my eye – turns out they were designed by CJH Studio, and are now part of a hardware line available to purchase through Linear Standard.

Every. Single. Thing. In Every Single Image.

Photography by Cathy Schusler

And here’s (below) another recent project by Cassie and her CJH colleagues – with their trademark use of natural materials and soft forms. I love how ‘simple’ these spaces seem at first glance, but how exquisitely considered and resolved every last itty bitty detail is.

Love these custom handles.

Photography by Benjamin Hosking

Every. last. detail.
See more of this home – Retreat Residence – on the CJH Studio portfolio.

Adore the steel framed windows, the marble sink, and that old farmhouse dining table. If you think this kitchen’s good, wait till you see their butler’s pantry…

(Even if there wasn’t an INCREDIBLE concrete sink in this butler’s pantry, I would have included this image for the senior puppy alone.)

Yes to a vanity, with sink, that looks like a bedroom dresser

All above images via Jill Egan Interiors – whose work delivers classic elegance, but always with a touch of the unexpected.

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