Spaces – Bumper Summer Edition

Last week I shared loads of spaces from The Block Au contestants (and now full-time reno babes) Kyal & Kara. Well I ain’t done yet missy! This is one of their recent bathrooms. Fave bits: textured white tiles alongside white vertical shiplap (new fave bathroom cladding combo, actually), those leather pull handles (from Made Measure, btw) and I bloody always love a stump side table, don’t you?

More from Kyal and Kara because I fangirl hard. I don’t personally love this blue colour, but it’s perfect in this beachside home. All that concealed storage is the stuff of my minimalist dreams, I love the huge bespoke pantry handles (Kyal made them), the raked shiplap ceilings give this space so much more, well, er, space, and those linen curtains by Hale Mercantile Co. are 👌🏻 👌🏻  (you have to imagine me doing that sign with both hands). You can see all the rest of this kitchen here.

And… now I want to knock out some walls at our place. These guys have transformed an under-used corner and made it super inviting and super super practical with this big, beautiful corner window seat. The square dining table is the perfect choice here, and I love the oversized pendant to really anchor the whole set-up.

Two words: concrete headboard! (That also doubles as a ledge for items – yuss.)
Cautionary note: gentle love-making only.

And the winner (dramatic pause) for the kitchen of the year, goes to (fumbles with envelope), THIS ONE.
Design by Archer Interiors. Photography James Geer.

Love a shower you can sit down in.

All black everything. Could you live in this?

An old warehouse in London’s Hackney, transformed into a light-filled home by the architect who purchased it. Shall we look around a little?

Cool ply staircase!

Love what they’ve done here with the ply wall and the slatted wall above it. The long vertical lines help emphasise the beautiful height and shape of the ceiling, while letting loads of light through.

When you gotta body this good, you don’t need to wear much.

Amazing concealed storage doing double-duty as a partial wall. J’adore.

Yeah, our entire countertop is one solid 800 kilo slab of marble, no big deal.
(P.S: Love the push-open cabinetry.)

This reno of an old Queenslander has me written all over it. Relevant to your interests too? See more here. Design Sian MacPherson, photography Cathy Schusler

Another goodie from Kyal and Kara. Large format tiles always manage to make a space look larger and more expensive. Wondering what’s around that corner?

… only this amazing double shower! With a big beautiful skylight and a very cool linear drain.
All it needs now is somewhere to sit down.


Right, beautiful people, that’s it for 2017! Thanks for following along this year, you’re the actual best. Hope you have the best Chrissy – go for a swim, let the sunshine dry you off, then go get a TipTop ice cream so big that it dribbles down your wrist, which means you get a sticky hand which would normally be a bit gross but it’s not because you’re so damn relaxed from that swim and the sun-dry. That’s my plan, anyway.

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