I gotta level with you – I’m at the end of a one-month stretch of work. Zero days off since April 7th. So for this week’s spaces, I’m going to literally just say the things I like about each picture. Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking that’s what I do every week. Touché.

French doors into a bedroom, for their sense of drama.

Olive green kitchen cabinetry (especially against soft grey walls)

String shelving, which does-it-all in a living space

A contemporary take on shaker-style cabinet fronts, especially the slimline black handles seamlessly within the edging.

Actually, pretty much everything about this kitchen, especially this dining table (love the brutalist granite top sitting on two timber platforms). Also, this kitchen has two sinks which is just greedy, in the best way.

From the same house as that kitchen – this bedroom

And this bathroom- particularly the sconces which I’ve not seen anywhere before, and… it’s bath:

All designed by Lauren Nelson.

All of this kitchen, but especially the design of the dark-stained oak cabinets (by Nordiska Kok)

This ultra-quiet bedroom, especially the light and tree stump situation.

This colour palette, and the vertical shiplap wall, with a built-in ledge.

These tiles! (If you like this, you’ll like the rest of the bathroom – here)

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