Photography by Sal Taylor Kydd

Inspired this week to share quieter, more ‘introverted’ spaces as a visual panacea. I’m a positive thinker, but I’m also an over thinker, and I have to consciously choose and craft my thoughts at times like this. This kitchen is like chamomile tea for my brain.  It actually belongs to a modern (built in 2004) Maine house, recently re-designed as a well-patina-ed farmhouse-style home. The ‘new old-fashioned’ aesthetic is thanks to in-demand interior designers Jersey Ice Cream Co, who are incredible at this weathered, warm, shaker-and-sourdough style – and whose website you should immeeeeeediately go and visit.

Love this watercolour feature wallpaper.

Love how they’re training the philodendron to trail over the doorway. Feels like a good luck charm, somehow. Also, if you’re tempted to do some change-a-roos at home over this time, how about making two side tables into a coffee table situation?

Photography by Our Food Stories

An idle mind is a dangerous thing – fill it with inspiration. Please allow me to recommend Our Food Stories (the stylists, cooks and creatives behind this kitchen above) for images that’ll pull you into a lovely daydream, incredible painterly styling, and recipes you’ll enjoy spending hours poring over with the intention to make (because pretending to yourself that you’re going to make recipes, and then collecting all of your favourites into one place, is just as healing an activity as actually making something. Science FACT.)

Rosa Park and her husband Rich, founders of the legendary travel/lifestyle journal Cereal, own an old Georgian Terrace home in the historic city of Bath. I’m in deep and abiding love with their galley kitchen, with that view out of that beautiful old window. I also love seeing art and photography in a kitchen (and bathroom) – the casual leaning style here is lovely. The shaker-style kitchen is from deVOL – see more images and info about the home, here.

Visual Valerian Root. Love the Autumnal foliage to bring the outside in, that gold art deco table lamp, and those linen curtains. (This image is also from the Our Food Stories journal – warning: dreamy post may cause drowsiness)

Our Food Stories have more than just, well, food stories. They also tour the most beautiful homes of their fellow creative friends around the world (this is interior designer Eleanor Houplain’s home in Paris). See more here


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