So elegant! I love the use of brown tones in the door frames and drapes. Pretty sure that dining room has brown walls too, yet it still feels fairly fresh and light thanks to the bare floors and white accents.

It’s an unfair advantage, having beautiful bones like these. It’s like when you buy a hat based off a model wearing one. Of course they look amazing in it, so I buy it… and then look like 2014 Pharrell. Anyway, you could definitely rock the beautiful aesthetic of this space at your place, even if your bones aren’t this glorious. Invest in real linen and lots of pillows and euros, layer sand and nude tones over a white base, and choose materials from nature.
PS: Smoked Amber glass for the win.

Another day, another stunning home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. This babe’n boho abode belongs to Olivia Babarczy, founder of resort wear brand The Plunge Collective and a sister design practice, The Interior Collective. Pick up a copy of the latest Real Living magazine to see the rest of this home, or head here for plenty more pics.

Idea to steal: Black picture ledge, lined with black framed art prints.

Let’s play this game again: What Would You Change? I’d remove the belly basket, because it’s making me uncomfortable –  it’s too 2016, and it only fits one rolled up towel in it, which makes no sense.
Other than that… lovely laundry!

Love this teeny terracotta toilette

Yes to open shelving in the kitchen. There’s a fine line between styled and nick-nacky, and designer and blogger Sarah Van Peteghem (Coco Lapine) always gets it Goldilocks (juuuust right).

I appreciate this is super pared back but (a) I’m quite into that, and (b) I thought you might be interested in what the home of the Brand & Design Manager of legendary design company Menu looks like. Joachim Engell-Hansen is only 26, but Menu is a three-generation family business, so he was raised on beautiful minimalist design. For the full tour around Joachim’s house and a very interesting interview with him, go here.

You know I have a soft spot for teeny kitchens!  This little darling belongs to the founder of Hunting for George.

Amazing kitchen!  That huge central island, the separate nook on the left there (coffee station?), the scullery with french doors, the luxe materials in muted tones…. Designed by the one and only Fiona Lynch.

Best scullery I’ve seen in forever.

Coffee station? Whatever it is, it’s sublime.

Doors to the scullery – adore this reeded glass

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