The very lovely bathroom reno of Shannon Vos (past winner of The Block AU). Love the vertical tiling (seeing a lot of this now, let’s call it the evolution of the subway tile), love the terrazzo tile on the wall (that, to me, reads like concrete). They’ve also managed to fit both a shower and bath in this teeny bathroom by creating a wet area with bath and shower within it (or, another way of looking at it, a large shower with a bath inside it). The small step-down into this area keeps water from the kids’ bathtime out of the dry area of the bathroom. To see all the angles of this clever small-space design, go here.

Couldn’t resist sharing a whole handful of pics from this turn of the century home in Gothenburg… (Side note for upcoming milestone birthday: would love one of those Muuto Restore baskets in the Sand colourway.)

The palette of mostly layered neutrals gives this space personality without needing to shout.

I like playing this game: What Would You Chaaaaaange?  (Imagine I’m singing that, like a Jingle. Because I am.)
The game is; you can only change two things. I’d swap the two pieces of art out for one much larger piece, and put in a cool pendant light, maybe an oversized rattan one. Oh and take that cushion off the floor. (No, that’s not three things, it doesn’t even count. It’s one of those games you’d play as a kid and your friend would make up the rules as you went.) What would you switch up?

Gorg home office situation.

Love the beige-on-beige palette, and the gooseneck faucet that lends a little industrial feel.

I dig pretty much everything These Walls founder Sara Hingle does, so was excited to see her home in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. My fave spaces are Sara’s bathroom and laundry. How good is the terrazzo shower, and her laundry tiling and tapware?

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