Happy Spaces, kids! Hope you had a great weekend. Let’s begin, shall we?

Loving sand tones currently and possibly also forever. This baben beige kitchen is by Swedish kitchen brand Marbodal, with styling by all-time fave Lotta Agaton.

More beige beauty in this tone-on-tone turn of the century apartment. This is a great palette to use with a minimal space, because even with the simplest of elements, it never looks cold or austere.

Beige marries dark timber, gets a hyphenated surname and becomes sophisticated.

I started today’s Spaces with the intention of only sharing beige spaces, but this home in Verona is fulfilling all my idyllic Italian sabbatical fantasies. Once a derelict barn, the designers stripped back the plaster, to find the most beautiful walls made from river stones. Those insane window frames are made from traditional Biancone marble. The designers also restored a large archway at the front of the house, framing the new entranceway. Inside, it’s the exhale of simple layered plywood and timber – a clean, modern contrast to all the organic texture and tradition of the exterior.

To see the rest of this home, head to the Studio Wok website

How did I only just discover celebrated interior designer Tom Delavan and his elegant, timeless work?


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