Guys, this was HARD. It’s one of those weeks where I just can’t find any good new Spaces. I must have spent about 5 hours searching for these ones. This is not an efficient use of my time, okay.

 Boo! Loves a hidden laundry.

Yeah, yeah, another Scandinavian kitchen. Rolls eyes off head. But I’m not just posting this because it’s slim pickings today, it’s also because of that countertop. Concrete countertop! Is my enthusiasm real! You’ll never know!

I apologise for the quality of this pic – WordPress is doing something disgusting to my imagery lately. (I’m working on it.) Anyway, I couldn’t not include this, because the rendered wall, raw timber ceiling, black cabinetry and custom peg shelf together totals up to a great kitchen space.

No, it’s not just a ‘tap’. It’s a freaking beautiful freestanding bath spout.

Posting this image was way more of an internal battle than is reasonable. I deleted and re-inserted multiple times. On one hand, I really don’t like this photo, and I don’t necessarily adore the kitchen overall but… gah! That sink and splash-back! It’s like nothing I’ve seen before and I love it. (This one probably should have just gone straight to my Sink Appreciation Tumblr.)

Ferm Living continue to stunt on all these other bitches with their beautiful SS18 lookbook.
This room would be a dream workspace situ – future me is going to work from a lovely table, not a desk.

The sweetest space for a kidlet! And that paint colour… love. The perfect neutral with the teensiest hint of pink – this colour would work equally well in a living room or bedroom. Ok, guys, we got there in the end. Just took a whole day.


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