I’m ready for hibernation, thanks to this styling by Lovisa Häger (An Interior Affair)

So much to love in one scene. The two-storey white-painted brick wall (it extends up past the mezzanine level), the two-storey windows and pooling linen curtains, that stunning woven light, the drama of that natural stone countertop balanced with the simple oak cabinets….

These rounded handles are sending me… Also, we love a teeny splashback – always elegant.

A trio of tiles (and it just works.)

Tip: To lengthen a room, add top-to-toe drapes. (These ones also shutter the open wardrobes in a soft, feminine way)

Avenue Design Studio, if loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. These images above are from Holly and Heda’s (they’re my friends, they just don’t know it yet) newest project, Rotterdam Terrace. See much more on the Avenue Design Studio website, here.

Steal this idea: none of the hassle or commitment of a gallery wall, plus the ability to swapperoo whenever the mood hits. (Extra for experts: paint the ledges the same colour as your wall). Also, I think we need a name for this style of art hang. Ledge gallery? Library hang? Someone help me out here…

Absolute new fave – Anne Sage (go stalk! Here’s her website and Insta)

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