Spaces – the holy hecka I’m exhausted and need a holiday edition.
Even this little workspace, in comparison to mine, is looking like a vacay to me. The most simple of rooms, a patch of sunlight, some pretty moodboard materials and a bottomless coffee – yeah I’ll take it.

The ultimate restfulness – this home, with its complete lack of decoration and beautiful materiality.
This feels like an exhale…

The ideal situ – I’d loll around in bed until 11am, head back at 4 when that arvo sun hits the room just-so
(ideal time for some SSR), and then retire at 8 with a sheet mask and RPDR All Stars. Love the rendered wall with the linen curtains – simple, but texture for days.

Or perhaps I’ll regress and live as a baby, crying when I need food or cuddles (every couple of hours tbh) and staying in my onesie all day. This is a beautiful modern nursery to do that in.

An afternoon baking, jazz soundtrack on, cute doggo at my feet getting all the good scraps.
OK, I feel more relaxed now…

Hold up, friends. Holllllld up. This walk-in closet is going straight to the Pinterest Dream Home Secret Board. The steel framed doors, the black drawers, the black handles, the *deep intake of breath* smokey glass. First time I’ve seen something like this… I LOVE.

Perhaps a little too intense for a home, but I’d frequent the heck out of a gym or hotel with a bathroom this good.

Ikea for President.

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