Bathrooms at the new Ace Hotel in New Orleans, designed by Roman & Williams. Love the masculine, vintage vibes – the choice of deep green (almost a British Racing Green) tiles, the wooden window shutter, the art deco light (maybe an original element? The Ace Hotel is located in a 1920’s building)… And don’t think I didn’t notice you, sink. I clocked you first. Vintage wall-mount style but in marble  – LOVE!

I love seeing a fish scale tile in a darker colour – it still has the all the personality, but feels more sophisticated.  Also, long marble ledge for the organisational win! (For those of us who’re not renovating, can someone, anyone, please design a good-looking shower caddy?)

Yeah, open-plan is great and all, but did you ever have big french doors that you could open and say Ta-Daaaa?

*whispering: That ‘window seat’ does not look OSH-approved.

The Stick shelving system by Menu (over on the right there) has always been on my design bucket list.
Do you have a design bucket list?

Loft office!

This incredible home (in Melbourne, of course *rolls eyes*) chooses a pared back palette in order to let all the delicious curves and textures really shine. See the whole house tour over at The Local Project.


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