This pink bedroom is total clickbait, right?  Footnote: I love how powdery pink looks alongside terracotta, sand and clay tones.

 If you’re not a fan of your dining table anymore, but can’t afford a new one yet, a linen tablecloth is an instant makeover.

Yep, this’ll do nicely thanks.

Bring back the art of the dining room, I say. Bring back weekend mornings that stretch into lunchtime, where you sit in a patch of sun, reading something with actual pages, and grazing, and re-filling your coffee, and forgetting to check your phone. This would be the ideal spot to do all that.

Moroccan summer house meets Cali cool. Love plaster showers for a vacay feel.

(Love the white-painted brick alongside plain ply)

Built to give back to nature rather than take from it, this home is carbon positive, it self-heats and self-cools, and it produces more clean energy than it needs so it can offset the neighbours consumption. Designed in collaboration with Clare Cousins Architects by The Sociable Weaver.

I literally spent more than 20 minutes trying to find a bigger, clearer version of this image, and that’s FRIENDSHIP, guys. I wanted you to see this freakin amazing laundry in its best light. I especially love the use of honey-toned timber here – few go to the expense of bespoke timber cabinetry in a laundry, and how lovely is it! The double apron sink is perfection (I especially dig the curves of this sink, and how it sits a few inches inside the timber cabinetry) and the burnished floors are a masterstroke. Here’s some corners of the same home…

Interior design by Fabrikate; Photography & Styling by Emily O’Brien


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