Oh hey little entrance. Idea to Steal: a simple, good-looking shelf and bench with triple lengths of thick dowel

Sundling Kickén are a Swedish stylist duo (Evalotts Sundling and Elin Kickén) who lend their great taste to projects like this one – staging new apartments in the city of Uppsala.  They’ve mastered the balancing act of sophisticated yet soft.

These beautiful nesting tables are the Building Tables by Skagerak, if you wanted to know. (I did.)

Is it annoying when I post a lot of unattainably luxurious residences? I know I get a little fed up with blogs that assume I have gold bullions for fingers. But it’s also nice to dream, right? And there’s still good ideas that can be pulled from these million-euro pads.

Love me a super-simplistic floating timber bed.
And behind that wall at the head of the bed is…

 This beautiful ensuite. No biggie. (Extremely large biggie.)

Brutalist beauty.

 Ugh, so good. Love these terrazzo sinks and brass faucets. Narrow sinks not only look super modern and refined, they’re also a perfect solution for small bathrooms. Interior architecture by Natalie Dubrovska.

Best laundry! Love the ply cabinets and shelving – two ticks for affordable and aesthetically-pleasing.

This is the beautiful Byron Bay home of the owner of lifestyle and kids brand Olli Ella.
Photography by Maree Homer for Real Living. See more of this home here.


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