This bedroom is giving me itchy paint trigger fingers, for a clay pink makeover.
See much more of this gorgeous, unique home over here

Stunning masculine bathroom – I love this grey on grey palette, and the steel-framed vanity is especially yummy.

Extra soft grey cabinetry looks so good with marble and honey-toned timber.  Tell me: if you have a bathroom with this kind of storage, do you end up collecting more clutter? I love the idea of a huge bathroom cabinet like this, but thinking about what’s behind all those doors literally stresses me out.

Well if that bathroom storage stressed me out… Actually I love these floor to ceiling cabinets – especially the ashy-blonde timber they’ve used, and those beautiful linear handles.

From the same home, this beautiful bathroom – and one of the best sinks I’ve seen in a while…

Told ya.

Beige is the new black. P.S: This is pretty much all IKEA
Love a sheer curtain for giving privacy, but still letting soft light into a room.

Yes, I’m jealous of your loft bedroom.

If you don’t have a lot of room for a workspace at yours, one of these String Shelving systems with a foldout table is an ideal solution. String is actually available in NZ, here.

Small idea to steal: this classy little black and white family gallery.

Hello, #softminimalism. Love the organic feel with lots of wood and muted tones tones.
Created by interior designer Susanne Swegen for IKEA.

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