Needed to see a ginormous arch window from inside a renovated historic factory today? I got you.
Actually, go see the rest of this place here – you’re welcome.

Beautiful built-in, via SF Girl by Bay. Designed by Jessica Helgerson

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with A…mazing (love the door handles, espesh)

The Berlin home (and home studio) of music producer Max Boss

This is his workspace – anyone else find this sexy as hell? Love a man with this kind of taste level.

Beautifully utilitarian apartment kitchen, designed by Max himself

THIS KITCHEN SINK. It was made for Max by a stonemason in his parent’s village, NBD.

Reform’s showroom (which also houses a cafe) in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. When I grow up I want a Reform kitchen. Their concept is very cool – Reform collaborates with internationally-acclaimed architects to design cabinet fronts and countertops that work with IKEA kitchen modules. The designs and the colours they come in are well beyond your average kitchen designs. They’ve also started expanding their range, now offering fronts for IKEA’s most iconic wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Go and have a peeper at the multi award-winning Reform rangeso good.

Couldn’t help myself – Reform wardrobe fronts in burgundy, in the Basis design

Thought this was a cute little look – love the clean-ness of the rectangular grid tiling, the partial wall coverage (great idea when you reeeeeally want to tile a space, but it’s small and you don’t want to close it in), and the matte black against the pale green.


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