Styling Marie Ramse and Jenny Martinsson. Photography Sara Danielsson

Kicking us off with something super relaxed, but also super sophisticated. Get you a bedroom that can do both.

Love a thick concrete sink! This extra dark grey is not something you see a lot… looks great with the black and grey accents.

If your kitchen is too damn small, extend that sucker around the corner. Super cute coffee and prep space.

I’m loving seeing darker woods like walnut and rosewood making a comeback. They have an instant sense of history about substance about them, and are better choice than blonde and honey timbers if you’re aiming for a sophisticated, expensive look.

I posted this shaker-vibes kitchen a couple of weeks ago, but spotted this different view of it. Love the green, and love how they’ve painted all the brick a dark green too. I’m not going to say ‘the white really pops against it’. But just imagine I am. But I won’t say it.

More my personal speed – white on white, with a lived-in feel and natural materials for texture.

One for the maximalists! My mind is such a busy place I need my interiors to, well, not be… but I actually love (love love) these sorts of layer-upon-layer-upon-layer homes. Gorgeous muddy pink on the walls.

From the Dreams are Free files – the bathrooms at Stockholm Design Hotel, Six. (See more here).
Don’t stay here and then Instagram it and @ me, because I’m the jealous type and I will punch you in the boob.

Never not looking at cosy, teeny Scandinavian apartments.

One (amazing) house, three very different wash rooms. How do you feel about the peachy-pink marble bath? Do you love it? Extremely same here girl. I  also super dig that laundry, with its vintage butler sink and sage green custom cabinetry. See more of this home here.

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