I don’t think I’ve ever seen these ball sconces used as bedside lighting, and I dig it. Also loving the low built-in bedside cabinets – great way to reconfigure a room that has an old fireplace you’ve decided to cover, don’cha think?

Felt cute.

Soho Loft bathroom by interior designer Tina Rich. See more of this unique home over at Rip & Tan.
Speaking of Rip & Tan…  It’s the excellent stand-alone blog of Californian lifestyle brand Jenni Kayne. And this home below belongs to Jenni Kayne’s CEO, Julia Hunter.

It reminds me of one of my favourite design quotes by Dieter Rams: “Limit everything to the essential. But do not remove the poetry”.

Victorian cutie

Photography Martina Gemmola

Art Nouv-Woah. (See what I did there). Beautiful renovation of a 1930’s Art Deco apartment in Melbourne, by Molecule Studio. Tour the rest of this home here.

Sculptural lighting (above and below) for the win.

Clean built-in storage for close runner-up.

May your life be long, and your towels be matching.

This heavily striated marble is gorgeous. Love that they paired it with a Deep Sea colour with black hardware.

Loft 90 designed by Courtney Nye. There’s lots more to see of this home – go here.

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