Quick submission to the Society of Kitchen Appreciators.

One of these days I’ll devote a series of posts just to doorways. This photo gets a bonus level high score for two very good-looking doors in one shot – the black front door with an oversized blonde circular handle, and then, once you’re inside, a black barn door opening to the hallway.
Designed by InForm DesignPhotography Derek Swalwell

Another brilliant doorway – a hulking steel sliding door, opening to an elegant heritage staircase.
Contrast is beauty, people.

From the same house as above – this concrete, warm oak and brass kitchen is sleek and assured.
LOVE the concrete sink.

This solution for small kids’ bedrooms is quite popular overseas… has anyone done this in their house?
I think the idea of young siblings sleeping toe to toe is pretty cute, and the storage here is very relevant to my no-clutter interests.

Muted earth tones are back and I love the quiet, inward vibe they create. Would you paint your bedroom walls a sage colour? (P.S: I have this light shade in my house and it’s a perennial favourite.)

 Photography Michael Sinclair


This is the single best thing I’ve seen on the internet this month. This is how you do pink – this smoky, powdered pink has a lot more longevity than the lighter blush pinks we’ve been seeing (much as I love them), and teamed with darker timber, concrete and black accents it’s also very sophisticated and more unisex, don’t you think? The walls also throw a pink hue onto the floorboards – love that. These amazing loft apartments, located in London’s creative quarter of New Cross, were designed by new favourites Chan and Eayrs.

Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs, both still just in their thirties, undertake only one project per year, designing and selling properties that are entirely bespoke –  from finding the site through to the most minute details of design.

You know I couldn’t let a week go by without at least one look at a quintessential Scandinavian apartment. Love the section of exposed brick in the hallway, the huge rug (without which the lounge room would look a bit cold and hard – the crinkled linen couch and throw help with softening the look, too), and the face that even though this place is tiny, they’ve still managed to find a corner for a desk – I like a person who prioritises a little reading and writing!



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