Soft and simple, by Australia’s Pierce Widera.

A double-height kitchen in an historic home, with an Aga built into the fireplace cavity, and it’s own rail ladder? Heck yes.

A converted warehouse home in Melbourne, by interior stylist Lisa Koehler. See more over at Est Living, here

The S trifecta of Simple, Soft but Sculptural seems to be becoming a common thread around here. The combination just works so well – a soft and simple colour and material palette, but layered with art and objects that are really sculptural and bold of form. Chic, but curvy in all the right places.

Tiles like these typically get laid vertically, but I appreciate a little 90-degree switch-up.

This scullery moment is part of the beautiful Beach House by Studio Esteta.

Yes, yes I did include this primarily for the dining table – it’s by Studio Henk and I WANT ONE.


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