Just another perfect kitchen by Nordiska Kok.  This one belongs to a small, slow-living loft home in the Swedish countryside.

Minimalism, but make the few choice pieces you do have big, and sculptural.

This incredible building is a tea house, set underground, below the bustling city of Xiamen. In its centre, a large circular atrium reaches up to the sky, puncturing a shallow pool that forms the roof of the tea house. A quiet place where people come to enjoy the ancient ritual of tea, away from all the visual and aural noise of modern life. Conceived by Waterfrom Design (see more images here.)

I have this thing for faucets.

I’m starting to get a little FOMO with the calibre of boutique private accommodations popping up in Australia. Let’s open that Trans-Tasman travel bubble, stat.  This luxe property is Noa by the Beach, a 6-bedroom, 4-bathroom home located just 500m from one of my favourite beaches in the world – Little Cove in Noosa (Queensland).

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