And hello to you, sunken travertine bathtub. This bathroom belongs to a renovated 1850’s Brooklyn Brownstone, which belongs to fashion designer Ulla Johnson. Head here for some AD privilege-escapism.

And now to something much more humble, but just as attractive (get you a design blog that can do both).
Notes: rendered walls are still resonating with me; and towels double as wall decor when they’re this nice.

This little scene just hit different, for some reason, and I felt compelled to share.  I think it’s the unexpected mix of classic coastal tropes (like the shiplap walls) with new postmodern pieces like that crazy travertine table.

More rendered walls in this render. Also love the curved shower wall, the double-curved bronze mirror, and the extra tall towel rail.

Photography by Petra Ford / Paper and Pate

Casework do great work. Just when I thought arches were about to jump the shark, this kitchen space went and pulled it back. I love the choice of paint and tile colours – there’s enough shape and texture here (with that cool terrazzo countertop) without needing to dial up the colour contrast, too. Well played, Casework.

Oh, and the Casework studio kitchen. Glass bricks ftw!

Dressing room love. Think I might organise my closet and change my bedroom around this afternoon…

Love that industrial faucet

Gorgeous monochromatic kitchen (from a gorgeous monochromatic home) by Studio McGee. Behind that wall is actually the kitchen proper, in white with punches of black. The kitchen then extends over to this wall where it becomes a wet bar – in beautifully-bold black – that shares space with a formal living room. Also, those armchairs – super modern, but they also do the job of softening and warming up and otherwise quite stately line of sight.


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