If all the homely, pastoral abodes I’ve been posting lately are Cottagecore, what shall we call the fantasy of being Level-4’ed inside an historic apartment in the centre of Stockholm (except the bakery and coffee shop downstairs is open for contactless service)? Lägenhetcore? Yip, I like that. New term coined. (By the way, this yummy pendant light by A-Step is actually available in New Zealand, from our good friends at Good Form)

My kink is Sinks.

Tbh, a quiet bedroom with a ginormous stack of books is my idea of heaven. (Mainly sharing this for that low bench seat which is glorious – this whole room is Ferm Living and the bench is their Oblique Bench in natural oak).

Photography (and bathroom of) Cathy Pyle

Piiiink Tadelakt, pink tadelakt *to the tune of Pink Cadillac*

The cottage-sweet-cottage of designer and lifestyle blogger Chelsi Layne. If you love this sort of classic cottage aesthetic, you’ll love a trawl through her Instagram or her blog, Laine and Layne.


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