Two ideas to steal from this beautiful bathroom by BuildHer Collective… One: The seat-sized ledge is a fab idea if you’re going to be spending several years supervising kidlets in the bath for several years, or if you’re a languid shower-chiller like me, and like to sit down for your exfoliation and shaving. I’m all about the Hour Shower for a self-care session. Two: the shower shelf. Super functional, but also great for styling. I love how the BuildHer girls have used the two tiles here, and that fluted glass window is great for privacy.

And side note: that’s totally, 100% a small pot scrub on the shelf there. Hehe.

Sweet corner of the sweetest home. These vintage freestanding robes really are the ideal solution for older NZ homes where storage is always limited. Hunt one down on TradeMe or local garage sales, give it a paint, use the top for a little (out-of-reach) styled moment…

For his clients, Australian architect Daniel Boddam creates quite palatial, distinguished residences. His own holiday home at Tallow Beach (Byron Bay) is a much more relaxed, casual expression of his taste, and is filled with his own designed furniture and lighting. Lovelovelove it. See more here.

Just a couple of other spaces from Daniel Boddam’s portfolio that caught my eye – a very classy but still casual dining room, and this elegant shower with skylight. (I know we can’t all afford homes with separate dining rooms, but how great is the concept of a dining room – a room devoted just to enjoying a meal with family or friends. Love that for us. )

One to Follow: If you dig this earthy aesthetic, you’ll love the ‘gram of Holistic Interior Designer, stylist Ezz Wilson.


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