I’ve made you a bumper-size, long Spaces for the long weekend. But I’m not very well at the moment, so if you don’t mind, I might just do the bare minimum by literally just pointing out the things I like in each space.

Sage green and grey kitchen. Rust-coloured plinth. A dining bench seat, built-in.

Lots of storage.  Japanese paper lampshades 4 lyfe.

The right shade of pink on the wall. Bleached pine-looking flooring. The casual drama of a big leaning mirror.

Black sconces against a dark wall colour – drama.

Marble with dark timber.

Dark walnut timber cabinetry with light timber floorboards.

Unexpected, modern cabinet pulls.

 A basket for the cushions and pillows you throw off the bed at night.
A framed print that greets you when you wake up.

Soft grey walls


Something foraged.

A clever cut-out.

Mermaid tiles on the floor. A bench seat with storage at one end of the kitchen.
An original arched window.

Layered rugs. Shiplap on the walls and ceilings, and wide floorboards for timeless stature.

A lakefront house with summer-day supplies in the entranceway. Another built-in bench seat with storage.

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