Yes to teeny dining areas, and yes to a small stack of books at grabbing distance.

via Stadshem
Yes to art arranged around a shelfie.

I wonder if the arch was here originally, or if they cut it into the small kitchen wall to open up the space and create a serving bar. Either way it’s the prettiest practical idea.

Over on The New York Times, there’s an interview with one of my all-time favourite art director/stylists, Lotta Agaton. There’s a peek into her office, and her new apartment home – both all light timber, a new neutral palette and layering with texture and form. Above is the meeting room in Lotta’s studio.

Photography by Erik Lefvander

For the interview, along with more images of Lotta’s home and work, go here.

Take Me Here: This Old Hudson

Taking homeware stores to a whole new level – the incredible Zoobibi concept store in Melbourne, designed by the award-winning Stella Collective.  See more of this space here.

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