Photography Derek Swalwell

Here’s some peeks at a new project by one of The New’s most faves, Kennedy NolanSandy Point House (perched on the dunes in a beachside township 3 hour’s drive from Melbourne) has a pinwheel design, with four totally separate zones that ‘spin off’ around a central courtyard. Love the arched ceilings, circular windows, and that eucalyptus green they’ve used throughout.
See much more here.

Adore the detail on this cabinetry. Do we have a name for this style yet? (where there is a thin linear frame around the edges of the doors? New-gen Shaker?) If you’re renovating a small kitchen, steal this idea: using light materials that almost disappear (here, marble, white paint, a white extractor fan that I barely even clocked) – especially at eye level and above – gives the sense that the space is larger and more open than it actually is.

Photography Tom Blachford

Designed by Folk Architects – see all the rest of this home (well worth the click!) over here.

Love how they’ve used different materials on the two walls of this small kitchen – the warm oak cabinetry on the left, with soft grey on the right. The sliding tall cabinet above the sink (looks like you can slide it open from either side) isn’t something I’ve seen in a kitchen before before… do we like this? Also, I spy a reeded glass partial wall, which separates this small apartment’s kitchen and dining from its lounge – an great idea for defining zones without closing in the space.

(Side note: Really like the glassware storage on the wall here – it’s not something you see often, and it brings a Restaurant/Bar feel, having your best stemware on display, ready to fix your guests a drink. This would be a super affordable little update you could make to elevate a kitchen. You can pick these up for around $20, and they also make brass ones.)

Photography Annie Hyrefeldt

Painting the walls a different colour to the ceiling really emphasises the height and shape of this ceiling.
I’m constantly checking Scandinavian real estate site Alvhelm for interiors to share with you – it’s one of region’s best-curated. Well the kitchen and dining area above are part of the home of Alvhelm’s founder, Sandra Guerrero. See the rest of Sandra’s home – along with some yummy lifestyle images – over here. You might also like to follow Sandra’s personal Instagram here.

Just really loved this simple little desk set-up, belonging to Instagram Influencer Maddie Broderick.

Another Spaces, another sweet Stockholm City apartment. I especially loved the unique way they’ve hung their art here, and the very soft, lived-in, layered look they’ve achieved by using muted colours, the crinkled couch cover, the soft floor-puddling curtains hung extra-high, etc. I also like that nothing really ‘matches’ or looks over-styled or forced.

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