I suspected the renovation of Australian Interior Designer Kate Walker’s own home would be bangin’, and it does. not. disappoint. Her amazing laundry packs so much gutsy detail into a small space, while still retaining a light, airy feel.
As with other Kate Walker projects, the hard finishings are the real heroes – that chunky fireclay sink, marble drip, English Bronze tapware, shiplap, hand-chiselled herringbone tiles… Favourite part? That amazing Dutch door in bold black!

Thought you might like to also see this view. Those cupboards? They’re drying cupboards, a big trend in laundry design at the moment. No more clothes racks scattered around the house, no more coming home to wet clothes on the line because it rained while you were out. O,hai form and function.

The aesthetic throughout is best described as modern farmhouse, and Kate’s brought the palette of the Australian landscape inside with shades of sage green, grey and terracotta.

Kate’s own private ensuite is like*Angels singing*. I love the feminine, light touch of the fabric in this space, especially against the weight and warmth of the terracotta tiles.

Photography by Armelle Habib

This shower! That ‘plaid’ tiling on the floor (Kate couldn’t find plaid tile, so instead, made her own from 3 different colours of encaustic tiles), the english bronze tapware, those sage green slim subway tiles laid vertically…

If these spaces have you inspired, go check out the Kate Walker Design blog to see loads more of Kate’s home, and follow Kate on Instagram (she’s also a single mum and a complete superwoman)

Love the black floorboards and other black accents against the super-faded Turkish rug and white linen.

Of course I can’t let a Spaces go by without at least one teeny Scandinavian apartment.

My favourite kitchen designers Nordiska Kok have done it again with this dreamy shaker kitchen. If we’re playing the ‘What Would You Change’ game,  I’d switch ip the cabinet handles (they’re perfectly farmhouse-style, but I’d opt for something a little more modern and linear, to balance out the rusticity).

Vart platsbyggda skandinaviska shakerkok i gratt. Massiv bankskiva i ek och stor kokso i second hand, mattanpassat for Ellen Dixdotter i hennes skanelanga på Osterlen. Vitrinskap med antikglas och trainsida, porslinsho och porlinsknoppar skapar detta dromkok.

Definitely doing grey walls in our next place. What Would I Change Here? Lighter, real linen curtains that puddle on the floor.

Loves a layered rug situation and a salon hang.


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