Love this walk-in shower: has the spa-like feel of a wet-room, but with those two black-steel-framed screens, there’s just enough containment. The pared-back colour palette downplays just how Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous this bathroom is; and I like that. Let’s take a closer look at that far end, shall we?

Ugh, that sink! Also, a full dressing room down one end of the bathroom. Omg bye.

This is how you do Balance. Bold and brutalist against warm and organic. The travertine kitchen island is the absolute showstopper here.  Design by Pieter Vanrenterghem,

Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

Still loving seeing dark oak together with blonder timbers.

Love this in-built timber shelving tucked under the island. I don’t think I’ve seen this done before?

Jaclyn Peters, you sure give good Kitchen. Fave bits? Ah, everything. But if I had to pick two something, I’d say the shade of green – deep but dynamic; and the finishing flourish – the Turkish rug. (Always love the a living-room style rug in a kitchen.)

Another great kitchen from designer Jaclyn Peters.

Love the black sink, that blonde timber cabinetry (especially the wide linear handles), the Turkish rug…
I also love how the designer has used a mix of cabinetry in this space – warm oak, white groove-panelled, and the black steel and glass shown below:

And my favourite bit – this second small sink and set of cabinets next to the fridge.

Proud member of the Beige Brigade.

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