Peeks at the MAJAH new Calile Hotel, Brisbane

Love this weirdo blend of art deco, Scandinavian, Moroccan (et al) influences at the HQ of design firm Swoon.
That amazing limestone and white ash coffee table is by Yucca.

Amazing timber and glass sliding window walls let in swathes of light but still delineate the spaces. The team are able to completely slide the doors open on all sides to create one large communal creative space, or slide them closed to enclose offices.

Studio dreams – upholstered cabinet fronts doing double duty as moodboards; an amazing bespoke display & storage cabinet that reminds me of the Reference section in my old intermediate school library (in a great way).

Millionaire ablutions.

Him: *during sex* tell me what you want…
Me: … a massive floor-leaning mirror that makes my room feel like a Copenhagen city apartment…

This apartment is a riot of colour. Digging the plum tiles with red grout.

It’s no surprise that the Copenhagen home of Niels Stroyer Christophersen, co-founder and Creative Director of design studio Frama, is impossibly cool. See the full apartment tour over at Our Food Stories, here.

Reeded glass screens for the win.

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