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Imagery by one of my #girlcrushcombos –
Stylist Gem Adams (Blackbird) and Photographer Heather Liddell


Kicking us off this year with a golden trifecta – a story about a very good-looking new brand, a product that’s also good for you, and a brand created by an average New Zealander who decided to dream and to do. Triple threat. These are my fave kind of features, and I hope they inspire you in some way – either to finally start that thing (you know, that thing) you’ve been thinking of starting, or even just to choose and use design-lead brands that don’t only just look better, but are better.


Hawke’s bay-based Nicola Mossman is a mum of four – that means a lot of time spent in the kitchen, and a lot of time cleaning. Suffering super dry, damaged hands that were getting worse and worse and sorer and sorer thanks to crappy Supermarket cleaning products, Nicola decided to create her own. No chemicals, all natural, and tested on real people’s hands (not on animals).


The RealWorld range includes an all-natural lemongrass and citrus Dishwashing Liquid – available in a plastic pump bottle or a big 1 litre glass bottle (my fave), with refills also available. Of course, being a shallow aesthete, I’m about the fact that it looks stylish on your benchtop. Yaaaaaaas. But I also appreciate that, like all RealWorld prods, it has no sulphates, silicons, parabens, toxins, petrochemicals, artificial dyes or colours. Seriously, guys, the shit we’ve been putting on our hands and on the dishes we eat off?! What the actual.
Along with the Dishwashing Liquid, Nicola has developed hand and body wash, hand and body soak (with magnesium – hunty, we are getting old and sometimes we just need a long soak in a magnesium bath), and hand creams. I use the coconut and lemongrass hand cream daily – it’s stupidly thick and creamy, smells in.cred.i.ble and is like a big drink of coconut water for your skin. Yes, I am very passionate about this little brand. Like I said, it’s a golden trifecta and that’s magical, ok?


RealWorld has an online store, or is also available at online homeware store S U N D A Y, Blackbird Goods, and other nice spots.

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