Potless Plants

Coraleigh in her outdoor studio – all photography by Larnie Nicolson


Launching today in New Zealand – Hanging Kokedama, a book by NZ botanist Coraleigh Parker (of Pickled Whimsy). Coraleigh has been introducing folks to the Japanese art of Kokedama for years, running weekend workshops that teach how to create a hanging garden at home – suspending your plants in mid-air, supported by nothing more than a series of strings intricately wrapped around a root ball.

Now she’s put all her mad Kokedama skills into print, and in collaboration with NZ photographer Larnie Nicolson, presents step-by-step instructions for 25 different Kokedama projects. You really can turn any of your fave plant pals into a kokedama (check out that small tree suspended in the living room up there!) – no pots or hanging baskets needed. Kokedama have a magical quality, as the plants are suspended in mid-air, supported by nothing more than a series of strings, intricately wrapped, cocoon style, around a root ball.


Hanging Kokedama is available where all good books are sold,
and direct from the Pickled Whimsy online store

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