Volcanic Vessels

New from Wellington ceramicist Paige Jarman, a whole new aesthetic direction, inspired by the pink and white terraces. (Actually, Paige tells me it was the geothermal branding in this post that planted the seed of the idea – how cool is that?)

Along with mugs, the range includes handleless tumblers and backwards-handled mugs. And though there are a number of specific styles/designs with names like Crater Lake and Treescape, each piece is decorated by hand, so has its own unique brushstrokes and proportions that no other piece shares.

OK, we have to talk about these photos for a minute – Paige used dry ice to get that creeping, steamy geothermal mist look and collaborated with Wellington photographer Bonny Beattie on these campaign-standard images – aren’t these photos amazing? New Zealand’s contemporary craft scene keeps levelling up…

The Crater Lake tumblers are dipped in black lava glaze and decorated with indigo splatters

Photography by Bonny Beattie


Paige Jarman mugs and tumblers are
available now from Paige’s online store,
and online at Sunday Homestore



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